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Podiatry (from the Greek ποδο-, podo: ‘foot’, and -λογία, -logy, study ‘) is a branch of medicine that aims to study, diagnose and treat diseases and disorders that affect the foot. The podiatrist is a qualified specialist, through his years of studies and training, for the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions of the foot and ankle. Podiatry professionals have extensive knowledge in the branches of human anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, lower limb biomechanics, radiology, pharmacology, general medicine, and surgery.

Podiatry encompasses the following aspects:

Promotion of integral health.
Prevention of foot conditions and deformities.
Respond through diagnostic techniques and appropriate treatments.

Within podiatry or podiatry a wide field of action:

Podiatric surgery. Correction of anatomical structural changes derived from biomechanical alterations.
Biomechanics of gait. Study through observation, functional clinical tests, and with complementary support of complementary tests as well as dynamic pressure platforms, normal and pathological gait patterns; the dynamic and static distribution of the pressures that the foot receives, and how this affects the rest of the body.
Pharmacology. The podiatrist or podiatrist is authorized to prescribe drugs in the same way as the doctor and dentist.
Orthopodology. The podiatrist, after a complete biomechanical examination, can make fully customized plantar supports or thermoformed insoles, using various techniques and materials to respond to the different pathomechanical situations that arise.
Chiropodology. It encompasses both the surgical treatment of a lesion or a group of them as well as the treatment of dermatological conditions or conditions of the skin and its appendages (onychocryptosis, onychomycosis, superficial infections, etc …).
Preventive podiatry. It allows the promulgation of guidelines for global and specific use, aimed at each sector of the population likely to appear physical alterations (especially related to the foot and chiropodology).
Pediatric podiatry. Specialized in the foot of the child and the most common conditions of it.
PSports podiatry. Specialized in the athlete’s gesture and in his most common affections.
Geriatric podiatry. Specialized in the foot of the old man.
Physical podiatry. Study the physical methods applicable to podiatry.

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