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Ultrasound scans

Ultrasound scans


Ultrasound is a medical test that uses ultrasounds that allow a machine to compose images of the body with these ultrasounds. When this technique is used to explore blood vessels it is called Doppler ultrasound.

What does it consist of?
Ultrasound is a scanning method that takes pictures of the inside of the body using ultrasound. When they affect the different tissues of the body, they produce an echo that is translated into images. Among its advantages over other techniques, it stands out that it is comfortable for the patient, safe and cheap; In addition, it is a real-time test and, therefore, allows us to observe the moment the movements of the tissues, the internal organs, see the circulating blood or the movements of the intestines.

What is it normally used for?
It allows diagnosing a wide range of situations. The best known is for monitoring pregnancy, but it is used by all medical specialties. Ultrasound is not helpful in looking at structures in the body that have bones or air.

How it is performed?
The patient is lying down. In the area of ​​the body to be explored, on your skin, the doctor moves a probe impregnated with a gel that facilitates movement. This probe emits and collects ultrasound that bounces off the organs. These ultrasounds are those that are translated into images in real time that are seen on the screen of the device.

How is it to be prepared?
It depends on the type of ultrasound. Most ultrasounds do not require preparation. Abdominal ultrasounds may require fasting. In renovesicals ultrasounds there will be drinking water and holding the urge to urinate. In any case, it is the doctor who must specify it.

What will you experience before and after the test?
You will not experience anything.

Who will test you?
A specialist doctor will do the test and will be monitoring you at all times. You may be asking questions to obtain information that complements what you see in the image.

Who will interpret the results?
A specialist doctor.

What are the most frequent examinations?
It is used to study pregnancy, the abdomen (among other organs, the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, pancreas, appendix …), prostate, cardiovascular system, thyroid, and muscles and tendons.

What special situations to take into account?
Ultrasound is probably the safest and most painless test for disease. The ultrasounds and the power used do not pose any type of risk. That is why it is used for pregnant women. In some children, sedation may be necessary to keep them from moving.

Other elements or aspects to take into account:
Ultrasound can also be used to visualize the area of ​​the body to take tissue samples.

It is also used as a radiofrequency and wave treatment in patients with tumors.

In some cases, an injection of a contrast agent through the vein may be necessary.

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