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Sports reviews

We are specialists in physical medicine and sports and we carry out reviews at our facilities. We also have a professional medical team to travel and make our reviews of their clubs at the time that best suits them.

Catalònia Medical Center is a center approved by the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) and the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia, currently we work for the High Performance Center of Catalonia (CAR) and Catalan sports clubs.

The certifications of the medical examinations will be carried out electronically as requested by the Federations, we also deliver the file by the federation, signed by our doctors, which guarantees confidentiality, as the LOPD requires.

Remember that you have to go to a center authorized by the Generalitat and approved by the Federations, as is our case.

Continued sports practice has the advantages that everyone knows: it improves physical condition, optimizes the performance of the body and generally promotes health and healthy habits. However, this very beneficial activity is not without its health risks and that is why it is becoming increasingly important to have a medical check-up.

Medical monitoring and guidance ranges from high competition to the occasional athlete. The adequate prescription of physical exercise allows improving performance at all ages and levels of training, minimizing risks and promoting health.

Sports medical check-ups with a stress test should not be considered as a pure procedure to obtain the Sports Medical Certificate (CME), a document necessary to federate in sports such as football, basketball, handball, cycling or athletics.

Why is a stress test necessary?

It will help you to analyze your current situation, the evolution if you have already done other stress tests and will allow you to detect possible risks and advise new training routes.

Since 2003, and by Royal Decree, sports medical check-ups must be signed by a specialist in Sports Medicine, and in an Approved Center.

Both amateur and federated athletes need regular medical control, mainly to verify that the level of activity is adequate and to monitor the appearance of cardiological alterations. All this is important for adult athletes and also for children and adolescents who are taking their first steps in the world of sports.

Prerequisites to the Stress test:

– Sleep a minimum of 7 hours the night before.

– Refrain from alcohol, tobacco and coffee during the previous 12 hours.

– Dinner the day before should be simple and digestible.

– Do not perform physical activity 24 hours prior to the test.

– Have adequate sportswear and shoes.

– Do not take solid food the 3 hours before the test, you can ingest liquid up to 1/2 hour before.

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We want to make these reviews available to all athletes, regardless of their level. So do not hesitate to call and ask for information, because if you do sports, your health needs it.
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